This is my site.




That’s not true. This is our site. This is a place for all the people who have been to or came from china.

This is about our stories, our reactions, our opinions, our complaints, our praise for everything to do with this part of the world.

I started this site because the last one that was truly worth something died slowly and painfully.

To be clear, this is not a copy of that site, but merely an evolution of it.

Something that came from it and has grown.


So what exactly is this place about?


It’s a place where people who have experienced living in china or being from china can get together and share their various experiences.

Maybe it’s with the men and women there.

Maybe it’s with the culture.

Maybe it’s with a relationship.

Maybe it’s with culture-shock.

Maybe it’s it’s with the truly bizarre.

In any case, this site is dedicated to letting people contribute their own experiences and become part of a community.


Welcome To CHINA


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